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SynchroGreen: Adaptive Traffic Control

SynchroGreen optimizes signal timing for arterials, side streets, and pedestrians through real-time adaptive traffic control. Trafficware’s field-proven solution is designed to reduce motorist travel time, delays, and stops. SynchroGreen maximizes the use of available roadway capacity, while also decreasing fuel consumption and emissions.

How is SynchroGreen different?
SynchroGreen was designed from the ground up by Trafficware and Naztec, two companies with decades of experience in the traffic industry. Thousands of traffic engineers around the globe use Trafficware’s Synchro Studio to simulate and optimize traffic. The Naztec ATMS.now central management software is utilized by 200 cities across the U.S. to manage and control thousands of intersections. Together, this depth of experience provides a reliable and effective foundation to understand the complexity of optimizing traffic signal operations.

SynchroGreen takes a holistic approach when optimizing traffic signals by considering side-street and pedestrian traffic, in addition to mainline traffic. SynchroGreen will allocate time to each vehicle and pedestrian phase in real time, without any additional modules.

Finally, as the only true NTCIP-compliant, real-time adaptive traffic control system, SynchroGreen provides peace of mind.

SynchroGreen is available in two levels:

SynchroGreen brochure  SynchroGreen technical white paper

Case Studies

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