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Products & Services


Trafficware’s ATMS.now is a central management system that brings traffic network data into a single repository for a real-time, integrated view of traffic operations.

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Emergency.now is an ATMS.now software module that integrates with your computer-aided dispatch system to provide safer and quicker response times for emergency vehicles.

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Valence Pod Detection System

The Valence Pod Detection System is Trafficware’s answer to a smart and flexible wireless vehicle detection system.

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SynchroGreen is Trafficware’s real-time adaptive traffic control solution.

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Synchro Studio

The Synchro Studio suite of products provides the best in traffic analysis, optimization, and simulation applications.

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Trafficware’s hardware products have been refined and perfected from more than 30 years of experience.

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Trafficware’s custom services differ from the traditional options, and include systems integration, customization, and developing new ideas.

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